Here are some time-lapse videos of our soap-making process.
Plus, as an added bonus, an over-long explanation of our methods. Enjoy!

Our bars are made in small batches by hand in our kitchen. We work in the traditional, cold-process method, so we do not add heat once saponification begins. Essentially, we start with a carefully measured lye solution and a combination of fatty oils. We simultaneously heat the oils while the lye solution cools, and when both are the exact same temperature, they are combined. At this point, essential oils and any botanicals are added. When the soap begins to thicken, it is poured into molds and insulated overnight; the next day, the loaves are demolded and sliced into bars. The soap is safe to use within a few days, but we leave our bars out to cure for over a month to ensure they are hard and long-lasting.

All of our recipes are super-fatted, meaning we reduce our lye amount and use more fatty oil than necessary to complete saponification. Not only does this ensure that no lye is left in our bars, but it also makes them extra luxurious to use. We only use all-natural ingredients (including sustainable palm oil), so our bars will always be free of synthetic fragrances.