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All of our soaps and body products are vegetable-based and created
by hand in the traditional cold-process method in our kitchen.
We use only sustainable palm oil and other natural ingredients.
Read more about our methods on our Process Page.

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Rachel Portrait

HANDMADE FOR has grown out of Rachel’s desire to make things with her hands after spending most of her day working on a screen. She has been making soap for over ten years and art for even longer, so currently she’s focusing on small-batch items HANDMADE FOR washing up and other miscellany.

More specifically, Rachel established HANDMADE FOR in June 2014 after striking a deal with her grandfather to start to sell her soaps if he would sell his woodworking products. She had been making soap ever since taking a soap-making class with her mother when she was in high school (her mother being a chemical engineer, it was the perfect overlap of their interests). Now, over a decade later, HANDMADE FOR is a fully established small business based out of her kitchen.

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